What Is Sports?


A sport is a physical activity that aims to improve a particular skill or attribute. Sports may be competitive, team or solo, and take many forms.

Usually it is governed by a set of rules that ensure fair play. It also provides entertainment to participants.

In some cases, there may be hundreds of people competing at the same time. While there are some that are completely non-physical, like NASCAR, there are others that require the athlete to have the necessary athletic ability.

Traditionally, sports were autotelic physical contests between adults. Depending on the sport, the outcome can be determined by the judges or a combination of subjective and objective measures.

The word’sport’ has been around since the 15th century. One of the first modern sports was rowing. Rowing, or crew, started to attract interest after the Henley Regatta.

Aside from the obvious – winning – the “best” sports feat is the creation of a sports record. This was a concept introduced in England in the late 17th century.

Another interesting and sometimes controversial phenomenon is the evolution of sport from the classical to the modern era. Traditional pastimes such as bowling and golf were disbanded and replaced with more organized games.

Sport is also a great source of entertainment for those who are not involved. These activities are regulated by national organizations that register and certify participants’ eligibility. Spectator sports are broadcast to wider audiences through television and the internet.