Types of Sports


There are many different types of sports. Many of them are competitive and are graded based on a “result” or “weight”. Generally speaking, these measures are subjective but may be corrected with handicaps and penalties. Other sports, such as athletics, are objective and are judged by a panel of officials. In addition to determining the winner, many sports also improve players and teams, and improve future performance.

Early sports are believed to have been played by ancient peoples including the Chinese, Aztecs, and Greeks. Some ancient societies regarded them as contests, while others believed they were a type of ritual performance. For example, in the 2nd century ce, Greek physician Galen endorsed the use of ball games for their health benefits.

People who play sports often use the term “sport” to refer to any physical activity with competition between different players. The purpose of sports is to improve physical skills and ability, and to entertain spectators while improving physical health. There are hundreds of different types of sports, ranging from single contestants to games that feature hundreds of participants.

In the early 19th century, sports were developed throughout the world. In England, football was the most popular ball game. Other popular games included baseball, volleyball, and basketball. After World War II, American sport influence began to outpace British influence. The games became popular in other countries, including the Philippines and Cuba, where basketball and volleyball are played today.