Sport Benefits For Your Health


Sports offer a wide range of benefits to your health. They improve your mental and physical health, make you happier and less stressed, and boost your social life.

Sport Benefits for Your Health

A survey by the Hospital for Special Surgery/Aspen Institute found that parents in Southeast Michigan rated physical health as the most important benefit of organized sports, followed by fun and enjoyment, teamwork and improved self-confidence (read the full report). The study also found that sports can improve mental health, boost confidence, promote teamwork and build self-esteem.

Physically, the main benefit of participating in a sport is that it strengthens muscles and bones. In addition, it helps improve heart and lung function.

Mentally, playing sports can improve goal-setting and other skills that will serve you well in other areas of your life. It will also increase your resilience and ability to deal with stressful situations without getting overly stressed.

In terms of relationships, your participation in sports can help you build friendships with people you would not normally be able to get along with. Sports can teach you how to play as a member of a team and work with others, as well as how to be assertive or aggressive in a positive way.

There are some activities that might be considered sports but that do not meet the strict definition of sport, such as torture flies or making fun of someone with a stutter. However, if the activity improves certain aspects of someone’s life, then it should be called a sport regardless of its subjective definition.