Socialisation Into Sports

Sport is a term used to describe any competitive activity that uses physical exertion and dexterity. It can be organised or informal, and may involve hundreds of participants or only one.

Sports are often governed by rules to ensure fair competition and consistent adjudication of the winner. Records of performance are often kept and reported in sports news.

Socialisation into Sports

The socialization of people into sports is a long-term process that involves the formation of individual identities, interpersonal relationships and social patterns. Many people remain active in sports throughout their lives. Others stop participating or lose interest as injuries or age take hold.

Sociologists study the impact of sports on individuals, families and society at large. This has led to a growing body of research into sports-related issues.

Sport has also become a major source of entertainment with spectator sports drawing large crowds and reaching wider audiences through sports broadcasting. The mass media’s ability to captivate audiences with sporting events and individual athletes has profoundly affected the development of modern sports.

Sports have also influenced the way societies view national identity and cultural traditions. A nation’s success in a sporting event is viewed as a sign of its national strength and cultural achievements; failure, on the other hand, can be an affront to a nation’s reputation.