Emotions in Sports


Emotions are an important aspect of sports, as they reflect the athletes’ perceptions of their performance and their own feelings. Some feelings are anticipatory prior to a performance; others are experienced during the competition; and some are post-performance. Emotions are also scripted by subcultures of sport. Athletes must adhere to rules that govern how they express their feelings, including appropriate behaviour during the national anthem, post-game victory celebrations, and more.

The world of sport is a complex system of interdependence chains and unequal power relations. Groups are constantly competing for dominant positions. Many of these flows are Western in nature, while traditional sports from other regions have been marginalized. Although a number of regional sports exist today, these are often relegated to folkloric status. While European sports have dominated the modern world for centuries, other regions continue to produce unique and valuable traditions.

The twentieth century saw a growing appetite for sports news, with even the august New York Times producing hefty sports sections. In the following decades, sports newspapers began to sprout up, with L’Equipe (Paris) tracing its roots to the early twentieth century. And today, there are many different forms of sports journalism. So where does it fit into the academic world? The following sections examine how sports are shaped by society and culture.

In addition to being a great way to get active, sports also have a wide range of benefits for our mental health. Taking part in these activities helps youth develop valuable life skills and develop healthy bodies. In addition to building friendships and learning to work as part of a team, sports also help youth develop positive self-esteem. A strong sense of self-esteem, as well as confidence, is essential to success and happiness later in life. If you are considering a career path that involves sports, look into the various benefits that participation in these activities can provide.